Running for Two: Part One

As I continue to get even more ginormous, more and more people approach me at the gym or comment on my FB posts “how are you still running?” At 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant (who’s counting though) I am actually finding running easier than I did say two months ago.  Pregnancy is weird.  Also, it is completely different for everyone.  But I thought I would take a look back at my 2016 running journey here.


The footprints are pink, but it’s a boy.  I just liked the pink when I ordered it.

First Trimester:

From January 1, I was training for half marathons.  I logged a lot of miles both on the treadmill and outside.  I was supposed to run the Holy Half in early April, but the race was cancelled due to snow….in April. That would have been my first half marathon.  Unofficially, I ran one 13.1 in training and recorded a 2:07. I was really psyched to get down to 2 hours in April. Around this time, I also committed to run the Chicago Marathon in October (and raise at least $1,000 for Girls on the Run). After that race was cancelled, I signed up for the next big local race-the Sunburst- in early June. I wouldn’t know until early May that I was pregnant.


The only time I fit in my GOTR singlet. A few weeks pregnant, but unaware.

It is really interesting to go back and look through my training journal from that time and see the signs.  I never experienced morning sickness, thank goodness, but in the first few weeks of pregnancy my running journal shows I quit early on 2 long runs and took more walking intervals than usual.

Once I found out, I decided to continue my training as long as it felt okay and my doctor allowed it.  I was always ready for the possibility that I would have to stop for the baby’s safety, but thankfully that never happened.  It was really scary to be on the hook for the $1,000 for the marathon, even if I wouldn’t be able to run.  It was also worrisome to have the pressure of the 6:30:00 time limit (a 15:00 mile pace). I had no idea how my pregnancy was going to affect my pace in 5 months.

I ran the Sunburst half marathon in 2:20. It felt really good, but it was a lot slower than before.  I was so proud that I ran 12 miles without walking! I had to walk up the giant hill at 12 miles and was able to run the last 1.1 normally. This was probably the last time I was able to run more than 2-3 miles without walk breaks.  I carried water with me on every single run to make sure baby was hydrated and walked when I felt like it.


After my first half-marathon! 7 weeks pregnant.

On June 17, I began a 9-week set of races called 5k Fridays.  It was ridiculously early every Friday morning, and it was really hot most days.  The route is the same every week with idea that each week you would get faster.  My first time was 30:54 and my last one (which was second trimester) was around 35:35.  The more pregnant I got, the slower and slower I got-mostly because I had to take more walk breaks because of shortness of breath.  I also started getting heartburn from the baby bouncing around in there, which subsequently made me nauseous.


Post-long-run stretching with my toddler

Getting through my first trimester as a runner made me feel so strong.  I believe it helped me keep my energy up and my weight down and maybe it helped keep my pregnancy symptoms in check.





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