Dylan’s Birth Story


Baby Dill is 5 days old today so I wanted to write about his birth before I forget-which is pretty much the second most magical part of childbirth, being able to forget the entire thing.

When we had our first child, Hunter, my water broke on the day I was supposed to be induced so there was no worrying about timing contractions or anything like that.  Despite what they show on t.v. very few women have their waters break before they are in labor, and if it happens with your first pregnancy there is still no reason to expect it to happen with your subsequent pregnancies.  This made me so nervous! Especially since I had way more contractions in the end of this pregnancy.  I was so worried about getting it wrong.  My husband kept requesting that my water break in a dramatic way (aka in public) just like on t.v. and I kept secretly praying that I would have a really clear sign as to when I was in labor and not mess it up.

January 6,2017: I messed it up

For the first part of January I had this ridiculous cough and runny nose and being super pregnant, I found I peed myself a little nearly every time I sneezed! On this particular day (actually it was the 5th) it was strange because after 3p.m. this was happening A LOT more often.  I was peeing so often in general I couldn’t understand how there was anything left in me-which is exactly how I found out my waters had broken with my first pregnancy.  Later that night I still felt like I was leaking and I was having a lot of contractions.  I Googled everything about the bag of waters and convinced myself that sometimes it’s more of a slow leak than a huge gush.  I decided to walk around a bit and time contractions-by this time it was early on Friday the 6th.

My husband was supposed to go in early to work that day so I started getting anxious about the plan (because we had no plan).  I wanted to labor at home as long as possible but didn’t want to freak my husband out so I decided to call the doctor, assuming they would let me to stay at home for awhile.  The doctor on call decided I should come in right away (ughhhhhh).  I woke up my husband around 2 a.m. and we decided I would go check in to the hospital on my own since we weren’t 100% that my waters were broken and then he could come if I got checked in and if not, then we wouldn’t have to wake our toddler.


Last bump shot. 38 weeks 7 days

Well long story short, my waters weren’t broken and I got sent home. I was beyond frustrated because I should have listened to my gut and just had my doctor check me at my prenatal appointment later that day.  Now instead I had the insecurity of being wrong and an extra hospital bill.  However, had I not gone in and something had happened to my precious angel, I would have blamed myself. It’s always worth it to make sure your baby is okay.

January 11, 2017: Why do I always go into labor when I haven’t slept at all?

My husband (I will just start calling him Jon at this point) insisted we stay up late to watch New Girl and This Is Us on Tuesday the 10th.  We watched it on a recording since we weren’t able to start it right on time.  During the show I went to the restroom a few times and noticed some brown discharge.  I was pretty excited thinking my mucus plug was finally coming out.  It definitely felt like baby was dropping and I hoped we were making SOME progress.  We went up to bed around 11:45 and Jon fell asleep instantly as usual.  I had a lot on my mind and was having some contractions so I just laid there.  At 12:30 a.m. I felt a huge kick and a HUGE gush of fluid.  I gasped and hit Jon. I couldn’t move, petrified that it was blood, not water.  I made him come help me up (and look that it was clear) and started the shower while Jon got the laundry together and packed some bags.

I knew I could labor at home a little bit and definitely wanted to before being stuck in a hospital bed.  We decided to call my mother-in-law, who lives next door, about half an hour before we were ready to go, so she could watch the sleeping toddler. After packing everything and cleaning a bit I think I only made it ten minutes before deciding to just go to the hospital.  I was sooooooooo tired already, laying in a hospital bed sounded pretty good. My mother-in-law came right away luckily and we were off.


Getting checked-in! 

The lady at the check-in desk quickly recognized me from Friday-so embarrassing.  It was around 1:45 a.m. and she told us who the doctor on-call was (I cannot spell her name and had no idea who she was) and also informed us that Dr. Johnson would be in at 7 a.m.. Dr. Johnson is a doctor who I had seen once when mine was on vacation.  It was my last check-up before the Chicago Marathon and he told me not to run it.  He also told me I was doing a lot of other things wrong-I dismissed him as old and outdated since all of my other sources said I was fine.  Jon and I looked at each other and knew we needed to have this baby before 7 a.m.

When I had checked in to have our first child, Hunter was in distress so we had a huge team of nurses and doctors around the whole time.  It was so weird this time to get into triage and then be left alone for over an hour-hello I’m in labor here! A young resident doctor finally came and confirmed that my water was broken and said I was 4 cm and 90% effaced! This was so exciting to me since with Hunter I didn’t get past 2 cm without help.  My body was doing it on its own!

He asked if I was going to have an epidural.  I told him very strongly that I was open to it when the time came and I absolutely under no circumstances would I take nubane, an iv drug that made me so tired with our first.  I was already exhausted.  It would be epidural or nothing.

Jon and I walked the halls for a few laps but my contractions started coming fast and I decided to go back to the room and lay down for awhile.  Jon kept falling asleep but he was very good at waking up to hold a heating pad on my back during contractions.   They started getting really bad and I started using breathing strategies that I had seen on t.v. (it worked pretty well).  The nurse offered me an epidural  but I was suddenly petrified of that needle! In my first labor I really didn’t know what was going on and just took it, but this time around I knew better.  Also, I felt I was handling the pain pretty well on my own, I just needed a little help so I did it.  I asked for nubane.

In order to get it, I had to be checked.  The nurse could have done it but the doctor on call came in (it was still the lady because it was around 5:30 a.m. at this time).  She had a huge smile on her face and introduced herself. “You probably don’t remember me because we met for thirty seconds before, but I have to know, did you run your marathon?”


Apparently when Dr. Johnson had me cornered in his office and my toddler was running down the hallway, this doctor had been there and overheard our conversation. I told her a little about the race, but I was in a lot of pain and very tired so I didn’t have the conversation I wanted to have.  She was so proud of me! She went and told the rest of the staff and for the rest of my labor random people popped their heads in and congratulated me for running a marathon six months pregnant (I’m still working on that blog post).  I was reminded of how strong I was and made sure Jon knew that talking about that race would be a GREAT distraction from my contractions.


Baby Dill remembering the Chicago Marathon.

Anyway, the nice doctor lady checked me and I was 7-8cm! I got my nubane which made me so dizzy but took the edge off the contractions.  By 7 a.m. it was wearing off so I got checked and I was 9cm! I got another shot of drugs and then my contractions started coming fast and furious. I was screaming through them like a crazy person.  The doctors were notified to stand-by but I felt like they should be there right then! Every contraction it felt like I couldn’t help but push.  They needed to let me push! Dr. Johnson and a resident doctor came in and I started pushing at 8 a.m..  Holy Jesus I wished I had an epidural! Everything hurt and I felt every single thing-like when I was done pushing each time and then the resident would put his fingers in my vag to agitate the baby (wtf I did NOT know they did that).  He also kept saying “wow, you ran a marathon AND you didn’t get an epidural.” until I very meanly told him to stop reminding me I didn’t get the epidural!

At 8:20 my beautiful baby made his grand entrance into the world. It was so weird because I felt his head come out and thought I was done but then I had to push more for his shoulders and again for his feet.  He scored a 9/9 on his APGAR because they said they never give 10s.  And then I was told I had a second degree tear that needed stitches.  Okay, I thought, I’ve done this before. But last time I had an epidural.  Even with the numbing medicine I could feel everything! They gave me several extra shots of numbing and it was still terrible.  I yelled at the doctor a lot as he sat there explaining how to do it to the resident (WTF I did not want someone who didn’t know how to do stitches doing my stitches!).


Finally, I got to nurse and cuddle my sweet sweet baby and life has not been the same since.

A Quick Postpartum Recap:

So far I have not been worried about my weight postpartum.  I am listening to my body and focusing on eating healthfully (although I eat a ton because I am nursing) and being really hydrated.  I am really excited to get back into running but won’t be cleared for exercise for 4-6 weeks still.  Until then, it is still really important to my healing that I am not too sedentary.  I have a Garmin vivofit to track my steps and right now it seems to be a good goal to just move a little bit more each day until I can go for walks and jogs. Today, my goal was 5,000-5,500 steps (about a third of what I was getting most days during pregnancy).  All of this has made recovery feel really as good as it can be. I’m even planning on going to mommy and me tumbling class with my toddler on Wednesday.


Dylan was born 7 pounds 13 ounces and today he weighed 7 pounds 15.5 ounces.  All babies lose weight after birth and they usually take 1-2 weeks to get back up to their birth weight.  So all of these late night feedings are paying off!

Big brother still seems surprised that the baby is here every morning, but overall Dylan’s existence has not interfered too much with Hunter’s play time or normal routine so all is good.




Today was Jon’s first day back at work so hopefully we can continue to manage without him.




6 thoughts on “Dylan’s Birth Story

  1. Loved reading your story! Congratulations again on your new addition! 💙 Pretty cool how God puts people like that nice lady doctor in your life to brighten such a difficult/painful experience! (Even if it wasn’t quite the conversation you were hoping for). Enjoy resting up with your new baby!

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